Welcome to the COOLEST entertainment center in town. With 18-holes of blacklight mini-golf, an advanced laser tag arena, a delicious pizza kitchen, and a modern arcade, King Putt is the best place to go when you are looking for fun, whether it be with your family, friends, a date, or for your corporate events or birthday parties.

With more animations, pneumatics, and interactive props than any other mini-golf course, King Putt is proud to have the most advanced mini-golf in the country! The challenging and unique 18 holes of golf are set in an Egyptian-themed blacklight indoor course sure to create a memorable experience for everybody!

Or try your hand at laser tag! Explore the multiple levels of our Egyptian pyramid laser tag arena while searching for your friends and family to tag and gain points. Specialty lighting, interactive props, and thumping sounds will make your laser tag experience unforgettable! We also own the best laser tag equipment available. Our LaserForce Gen. 6 equipment has the most sophisticated features to ensure a sublimely entertaining experience.

‚ÄčTake a break and refuel in our dining area before for going for another round. We know that our specialty, delicious, fresh-made pizza, will keep you coming back for more!